Our advantages

Customized service model

  • We provide customers with charging services in places where they live, work, and socialize to effectively solve the charging problem of electric vehicle customers. We configure charging piles according to customer needs, with the goal of covering the entire parking lot.

Professional R&D team

  • We have a technical team for independently researching and developing products, focusing on developing and manufacturing charging piles and back-end systems. The charging piles can also be connected to our platform, and the E charging station provides a stable network. The open platform supports the access of different models of charging piles. If customers have any charging problems, the background can respond quickly, which can be used quickly and conveniently.

Outstanding development capacity

  • We have our own development team to communicate with property companies, so as to meet the needs of different customers.

Rich service experience

  • We have a professional construction and maintenance team that will complete the installation of charging piles within 10 days after getting confirmation from the property company. Rich on-site construction experience can ensure the safety and cleanliness of the construction environment. At the same time, our 400 customer service telephone will provide services for customers 24 hours a day.